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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Romney is the party's best hope of holding on to the governor's office.

No kidding.
posted at 2:35 PM

Keeping up with Mitt - A Desert News Profile.
posted at 12:36 PM

Poll: Romney Leads Governor's Race

Olympic chief Mitt Romney leads all five Democrats running for governor, according to a new poll that also found voters dissatisfied with the performance of acting Gov. Jane M. Swift.

posted at 10:40 AM

Romney's holding the plug to Mass. GOP's life support.

Run, Mitt, run. You saved the Winter Olympics. Now it's time to save the Republican party in Massachusetts.

posted at 9:47 AM

Romney should go for political gold.

Romney's model should be New England skier Bode Miller: Forget the risks. Go for the gold, full speed ahead.

posted at 9:45 AM

Republican bigwig looking at gov exit strategy for Swift.

A prominent Republican activist is reaching out to the White House and other GOP leaders to gently nudge acting Gov. Jane M. Swift out of the race and avoid a primary bloodbath with businessman Mitt Romney, sources said.

posted at 9:43 AM

Are you a Massachusetts voter disillusioned with the current slate of gubernatorial candidates?
posted at 9:02 AM

Mitt Romney For Governor Of Massachusetts.
posted at 8:36 AM

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