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Sunday, March 31, 2002

Romney overstates rescue of Games.

''As an administrator, I can tell you, this guy's as good as it gets.''
Boston Globe overstates questions about Romney's rescue of Games.
posted at 4:04 AM

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Romney taps businessman to manage campaign.

Mitt Romney has hired Ben Coes, a businessman with experience in Republican campaigns, as his campaign manager.
The Globe gets it right.
posted at 4:14 AM

Romney taps experienced Republican to spearhead gubernatorial bid.

He has a good deal of experience in Republican Party politics in New England and nationally
Compare my headline to the actual headline in the Herald.
posted at 4:11 AM

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Romney Won't Be Pressured.

``Mitt Romney doesn't have to sign a piece of paper to have a position on an issue,'' said Romney deputy campaign manager Eric Fehrnstrom. ``He's pledged to oppose any tax increase, he doesn't support them, his position on taxes is clear.''
No new taxes. Vote Mitt.
posted at 9:44 AM

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Eight Among Many: W. Mitt Romney.

"Both Bain and the SLOC were dispirited organizations suffering from leadership crises," Romney observes. "Both had financial problems..."
So does the state.
posted at 5:04 AM

O'Brien changed her abortion stance.

What O'Brien does not advertise, even as she accuses Republican candidate Mitt Romney of a ''flip-flop-flip'' on his abortion position, is that in her early years of public service, she opposed abortion.
Hey, you brought it up first!
posted at 4:55 AM

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Birmingham must face up to tough choice.

In a head-to-head matchup with Romney, Birmingham garnered support from 28.6 percent of those polled to Romney's 44 percent.
It's time for you to go.
posted at 3:56 AM

Mitt opens GOP doors to one and all

Romney's entry into the governor's race has energized our party. A lot of people are giving this (a run for lieutenant governor) a second look and a lot of names are bubbling up.
Come on in, the water's fine.
posted at 3:53 AM

Gov urges Romney to make abort stand clear

Acting Gov. Jane M. Swift, citing ``confusion'' over Mitt Romney's abortion stance, urged the GOP gubernatorial candidate to aggressively tackle the issue to deflect Democratic attacks.
Jane, we know you are confused. Please stay out of the race that you just left.
posted at 3:50 AM

Monday, March 25, 2002

President's cousin wants to be Romney's running mate.

Jamie Bush, presidential cousin, wants to be Mitt Romney's running mate.
posted at 4:07 AM

Democrats launch assault on Romney.

State Senate President Thomas F. Birmingham today will hurl the first of many expected salvos from Democrats at Republican gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney, with a radio ad criticizing his no-new-taxes approach to balancing the state budget.
Birmingham should work on getting himself nominated intead of attacking Romney. Democrats want to freeze the voter-approved income tax cut, voters want less taxes.
posted at 4:03 AM

Sunday, March 24, 2002

New race, old issues.

''On a personal basis, I don't favor abortion,'' he said at his campaign kickoff. ''However, as governor of the Commonwealth, I will protect the right of a woman to choose under the law of the country and the laws of the Commonwealth.''
OK, can we move on now?
posted at 4:51 AM

The Mormon factor.

``I would be surprised if religion came up. If it does, the appropriate response is the same as the last time - we had a president from Massachusetts who broke ground on Catholicism.''
It's not an issue.
posted at 4:48 AM

Mitt's Background.

...Romney would graduate first in his class. He then proceeded to Harvard, getting a dual degree in business and law in 1975.
Mitt's #1.
posted at 4:45 AM

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Mitt to disarm Democrats.

``I'm going to make it clear that I have very strong positions on a number of issues. I'm going to communicate those to the electorate.''

posted at 4:16 AM

Friday, March 22, 2002

The Jane Swift Story.

It's time to move on from Jane Swift, now that rumors are circulating that a film is being planned on her whirlwind courtship and legendary romance with Chuck Hunt. Tentative title: ``Four Weddings and a Funeral.''

posted at 5:15 AM

Democrats fighting amongst themselves.

The crowded Democratic governor's race erupted into sniping and finger-pointing yesterday amid speculation that one candidate - Senate President Thomas F. Birmingham - was getting out and one non-candidate - Joseph P. Kennedy II - was getting in.
Yikes. What a mess.
posted at 5:12 AM

Romney vows to balance budget without new tax.

``The easy way to fix any problem is to go to the people and say you have to pay more money, but that's not what the job of management is,'' Romney said. ``That's my pledge, we are not going to raise taxes, we are not going to walk away from what the voters are in favor of doing, which is bringing the tax rates down.''
I knew I picked the right candidate and this proves it.
posted at 5:11 AM

Good advice, for a change.'re a proven manager at a time when the state is in desperate need of management. You are an outsider at a time when state politics is on the brink of disgrace.
You are the man!
posted at 5:07 AM

The Mitt Show.

For a huge number of voters, the campaign is the TV commercials.
Maybe MTV can come in and create a weekly reality series: The Romneys. I'd watch.
posted at 5:03 AM

Romney readies for Democrats' negative ads.

Republican Mitt Romney has already prepared two television ads to strike back, one appealing to voters' antipathy to mudslinging and another that attempts to humorously mock the Democratic gubernatorial candidates. ''We will be up on the air at the same time, within minutes,'' a senior Romney adviser said.
Good. The Democrat's plans to attack will backfire on them. Every time I see an attack ad from the Democrats it's going to make me physically ill.
posted at 4:56 AM

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Olympic chief seeks political gold.

Mr. Romney is a hero, after having saved the Winter Olympics from a bribery scandal and brought them off without a hitch.

posted at 4:38 AM

A governor's race better than Sox tickets.

A Suffolk University poll conducted last week already showed Romney ahead of the two Democratic front runners, state Treasurer Shannon O'Brien and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. "The Republicans have just been able to dump their last 12 years of baggage."

posted at 4:35 AM

Mitts off: Top Dems to launch blitz vs. Romney.

Prominent national Democrats - led by U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry - are already mobilizing to thwart the suddenly powerful threat posed by Mitt Romney's Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign.
This is why I'm a registered Independent. The two party system has some problems when smart men like John Kerry are put in the position of attacking a smart man like Mitt Romney.
posted at 4:32 AM

Romney won't pick running mate

''My plan is to have the members of the Republican party pick my running mate,'' Romney said.

posted at 4:28 AM

Democrats weigh moves vs. Romney.

Top Democrats are clearly concerned about the threat that Romney poses, and they're considering launching a pre-primary advertising attack on Romney - an unusual move in Massachusetts.
Attacks unusual in Massachusetts politics? Who are you kidding. I'd suggest that the Democrats worry about getting the nomination and stop making themselves look bad by attacking Mitt.
posted at 4:20 AM

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

The Official Romney for Governor website.
posted at 12:05 PM

When the going got tough Jane, you got outta here.

...when you went up against the toast of the town, you were toast, as Speaker Finneran put it. It was no contest.
Burnt toast.
posted at 2:25 AM

Endless run of gaffes led to gov's implosion.

The accidental governor has suffered a seemingly nonstop stream of gaffes since she became lieutenant governor in 1999.
posted at 2:21 AM

Swift hands Romney GOP banner.

Capping one of the most remarkable 24 hours in Massachusetts politics, businessman Mitt Romney yesterday assumed the mantle of Republican gubernatorial nominee after acting Gov. Jane M. Swift quit the race in tears.
Mitt is remarkable.
posted at 2:19 AM

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Romney enters race.

"Lest there be any doubt, I'm in," Romney said, surrounded by his wife, Ann, and other family members. "The bumper stickers are printed, the Web site's going up. The papers are going in today."
I like a candidate who can use the word lest without telepromters.
posted at 12:50 PM

Swift drops out of governor's race .

"I believe that this is in the best interest of our state as it will allow the Republican Party's best chances of holding the governor's office in November," Swift said, fighting back tears at a noon news conference at the Statehouse Tuesday.
You got that right.
posted at 10:03 AM

The End of Swift.

Swift decided she can't beat the late primary challenge of Republican Mitt Romney.
Good decision.
posted at 8:14 AM

Sources: Swift Dropping Out Of Governor's Race.

Sources tell NewsCenter 5 that Acting Gov. Jane Swift has decided to drop out of the race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination this fall.
Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey goodbye!
posted at 7:09 AM

Jane's outclassed.

She's... totally outclassed, out-brained, out-educated and out-accomplished - not to mention out-spoused, housed, clothed, coiffed and shod.
posted at 5:11 AM

Swift plans to lose debate.

A still evolving Romney campaign staff worked furiously to pull the public announcement together, bringing on new help and printing a first batch of political signs and bumper stickers, sources said.
What's to debate? Get me a button.
posted at 4:42 AM

Boston Globe Editorial: Romney's reentry.

...we welcome Romney to the race and say: Let the games begin.
Where can I get a yard sign?
posted at 4:39 AM

Her word is no good.

...her promises are no longer valid, why her word is no longer good. It's why voters want to like her for her plain- speaking and her underdog demeanor, but can't. And ultimately, it's why a Republican primary between these two, assuming that's what we get, isn't even a fair fight.
She's no good.
posted at 4:35 AM

Romney is for real.

''I think people know that he's a good, decent, honest man who cares about his family, his church, and his community,'' said Denise Jillson, one of the Republican activists urging Romney to run for governor. ''The rest will come.''
Romney for Governor: Good , Decent and Honest.
posted at 4:31 AM

Weld gives his backing to Swift.

''Governor Swift has my unequivocal support and admiration. I stand foursquare behind her bid for ... election.''
So what.
posted at 4:27 AM

Early Word: Romney Will Run.

NewsCenter 5 has learned that Belmont, Mass., businessman and Olympic planner Mitt Romney will run for governor, challenging Acting Gov. Jane Swift in this fall's GOP primary to launching a bid for the corner office in Boston.
It looks like today's the day!
posted at 4:23 AM

Monday, March 18, 2002

Romney Returns To Belmont.

"Someone in town gave me this pair of running shoes and they told me to present them to Mitt," Belmont Selectman Bill Monahan said. "Run, Mitt. Run."
Nice sneakers.
posted at 11:19 AM

Romney returns.

Romney... arrived with 15 bags and suitcases yesterday, in time for a celebration in his honor, in Belmont, on the town green today.
posted at 5:22 AM

The Man With The Plan.

Mitt, it goes without saying, is the man with the plan to pull this commonwealth up off the floor, slap some cold water on its face, dress it in a starched shirt and straighten out its expanding fiscal crisis.
He's got that right.
posted at 5:02 AM

He's back: Romney `99 percent' decided on race for gov.

Mitt Romney yesterday sent the strongest signal yet he'll run for governor - saying he's ``99 percent there.''
Let's get the party started!
posted at 4:56 AM

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Anti-Romney strategy emerging.

"This shows all you have to know about how pathetic the Democratic Party has become in Massachusetts," Manning said. "They are attacking Mitt Romney before he even comes home."
Pro-Romney groundswell is emerging too.
posted at 9:01 PM

Mitt Romney, on return to Mass., closes door on political future in Utah.

''It's great to be home,'' said Romney, who owns a house in the Boston suburb of Belmont. ''Massachusetts is our home. This is where we vote, keep our home, it's where our family lives and we are happy to be back.''
Welcome home.
posted at 8:54 PM

Welcome home celebration for Mitt Romney.

WHEN: Monday March 18th at 4:00pm

WHERE: Belmont Town Green in Belmont, (just off Rt. 60) 455 Concord Ave.
Welcome back Mitt.
posted at 12:49 PM

Mitt Romney's tough decision.

''In public service, establishing the confidence of the people you're leading is essential. Being open and honest with the people you're working with is essential. Managing an enterprise economically, finding ways to reduce costs and provide to the enterprise the best service at a cost people can afford, is something you do in public service,'' he says.
We have confidence.
posted at 6:16 AM

Time for Mitt to put the work gloves on.

You're Mitt Romney, and you learned long ago at Harvard that nature abhors a vacuum, which is what acting Gov. Jane Swift's administration has become, a vacuum, a void, a black hole of nothingness.
It won't be long now.

posted at 6:04 AM

It's Mitt's Party.

Only about one in nine Republican primary voters are sticking with acting-Gov. Jane M. Swift if businessman Mitt Romney takes his widely anticipated plunge into the Bay State gubernatorial race, a new Sunday Herald poll shows.
I'd say that's an accurate poll.
posted at 5:58 AM

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Pols whack Mitt at St. Paddy's roast.

``This is an area my friend Mitt called Kennedy Country,'' Swift told a corned beef and cabbage crowd of 700 in Lawrence. ``This is a guy who thinks Polartec is an Eskimo vocational school and Taco Bell is the local telephone company.''
Jane has no future in stand up comedy either.
posted at 4:46 AM

Mass. offers potential for Romney that Utah can't

Romney, who in 1994 supported gun control and said he favored abortion rights, is still lit by an Olympic glow.
Mitt - you're glowing!
posted at 4:43 AM

'No question I consider... Belmont home'.

''There's no question I consider Massachusetts and Belmont my home.''
That leaves just one unanswered question.
posted at 4:39 AM

Friday, March 15, 2002

Romney Tops Swift In Poll.

Mitt Romney holds a commanding lead over acting Gov. Jane Swift for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, according to a poll released Thursday.
Romney 74%, Swift 18%!
posted at 5:53 AM

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Romney Delegates Nailed Down.

Organizers of the self-proclaimed ``Draft Mitt'' movement will announce this afternoon that they have nailed down the 15 percent of Republican delegates needed to secure Romney's name on the primary ballot.
More nails in the coffin.
posted at 6:21 AM

Romney edges closer to a run.

Romney has not finalized his decision, but said all signs point to him joining the race after he returns home from Salt Lake City.
Those are good signs.
posted at 5:03 AM

Mitt to go for gubernatorial gold.

Mitt Romney's peeps are putting together a list of invitees for a ``big event'' on Tuesday and speculation is rampant that the Olympic czar will toss his ski cap into the gubernatorial ring.
Can I get on the list?
posted at 4:54 AM

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

posted at 4:26 PM

Welcome Home.

Belmont is planning a "Welcome Home" event for Romney on Monday.
Residency will not be an issue!
posted at 3:16 PM

Mitt catches top vote in GOP poll.

At a GOP confab in the basement of the Dover Town Library the other night, a straw poll was taken and the Mittster - the non-candidate - won by a landslide.

posted at 8:06 AM

Swift camp could challenge Romney's Mass. residency.

``Obviously, Mitt Romney is going through a catharsis trying to decide which state he's going to run in.''
Please choose Massachusetts.
posted at 8:05 AM

Jane leaves them rolling in aisles.

At every lame political St. Patrick's Day party this weekend, there'll be one sure way for a pol to bring down the house. He needn't even set up the joke, just go straight to the punch line:

``Jane Swift.''
I get it.
posted at 7:58 AM

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Romney To Decide By Saturday.

Romney said he would make a final decision about the governor's race by March 16.
I'm really looking forward to the weekend!
posted at 3:05 PM

100 Calls A Day

"As soon as word got out that Romney might consider running, my phone started ringing off the hook," said Republican strategist Charley Manning. "I've been getting over 100 calls a day -- from Democrats, Republicans, Independents -- saying, You tell Mitty, if he's running, I'm with him."
Count me in!
posted at 2:58 PM

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Romney Weekends In Mass.

Republican Mitt Romney made a brief visit to Massachusetts over the weekend, fueling speculation of a possible run for governor.

posted at 3:18 AM

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

61% Say Mitt Should Run.

Vote in the poll at the Lowell Republican City Committee web site.
posted at 7:07 AM

Mitt's Belmont Home Awaits Moving Van.

... one insider pointed out that Mitt's not exactly discouraging the rampant speculation and the drumbeat of support that's built over the past two weeks.
Welcome home Mitt!
posted at 4:30 AM hijacked!

... yesterday the prankster who owns ( set it up to link to a State House Web page featuring a biography of acting Gov. Jane Swift!
He seems to like Jane.
posted at 4:28 AM

Monday, March 04, 2002

Governor Tolls.

The problem for Swift, unfortunately, isn't Romney. It's the negative image she can't shake from the babysitter-helicopter days, this perception of arrogance and aloofness that has, for her, become political reality.
Swift = Negative.
posted at 12:03 PM

Mitt may see Jane run tough.

``It's as if she's slapping herself in the face and challenging the voters to a duel.'' By appearing to taunt Romney and paint him as a bad guy, she may just ``get his competitive juices going.''
Competitive Olympic juices!
posted at 12:02 PM

Jane can thank Law for delaying her swift demise

... the Swift political organization... nowadays meets in a phone booth.
But there's no Superman in there to come to her rescue.
posted at 11:54 AM

Sunday, March 03, 2002

Swift Watches Olympic Trial Balloon Rise Over Her Ambitions.

(Swift) has made clear she will not abandon her campaign, and one of her aides promised... a "tough, bloody" primary if Romney decides to run.
Tomorrow we'll read that the aide has "backed away from an earlier comment."
posted at 7:21 AM

Romney's Charitable.

Romney said he wouldn't take his salary (roughly $275,000 a year) unless the (Olympic) Games were in the black. Even if they are - people close to Romney say he'll likely donate the cash to the athletic foundation or to charity.
Jane, you can be charitable to the residents of Massachusetts. Drop out.
posted at 6:08 AM

Saturday, March 02, 2002

Swift, stop the whining.

Won't someone please advise acting Gov. Jane Swift that whining about "powerful men'' is downright silly for a politician.
You haven't heard Mitt Romney whining about powerful men, because he is one.
posted at 10:03 AM

Mitt Does Whatever It Takes.

The only Salt Lake transportation problem came the first day of competition, at the Downhill at Snowbasin. The traffic was so bad that some media buses arrived too late for the event. On that occasion, SLOC president Mitt Romney got out and personally directed traffic near the venue.
That's the type of Can Do attitude we need around here.
posted at 9:28 AM

Swift Whines of Interference

"You knew what you were getting into when you went into politics -- stop whining."
Better yet, stop talking. Wait... Even better, don't run.
posted at 4:03 AM

Friday, March 01, 2002

Mass. Gov. Won't Step Aside for Romney

Acting Gov. Jane Swift on Friday backed away from an earlier comment that ``powerful men'' were trying to force her out of the Republican governor's race to make way for Winter Olympics chief Mitt Romney.
Make up your mind Jane.
posted at 12:53 PM

Republican statewide candidates meet for candidates' forum

The Republican Party under acting Gov. Jane Swift has been ''an abysmal failure''... lieutenant governor candidate James Rappaport said Thursday.
Hmm... Romney/Rappaport. I like the sound of that.
posted at 4:55 AM

Swift accuses her critics of gender bias.

Acting Governor Jane Swift yesterday suggested that ''powerful men'' are trying to elbow her out of the GOP race for governor.
Try harder, men.
posted at 4:53 AM

A surefire strategy.

There is no shame in a young woman with limited political experience and three young children failing to flourish as governor. It's a tough job, tougher in these dismal economic times, toughest of all when your family lives more than two hours from where you work.
Jane, Shorten your comute. Stay home.
posted at 4:52 AM

Jane Swift Thinks She Can Defeat Romney.

Acting Gov. Jane Swift said yesterday she would defeat Winter Olympics chief Mitt Romney if he returned to Massachusetts to run for governor, despite a new poll that shows Romney riding a wave of popularity.
Think again Jane.
posted at 4:16 AM

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