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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The Final Debate - Andy Hiller.

Shannon O'Brien was impatient, petulant, even petty - while Mitt Romney was poised, positive and better under pressure. Even if you support O'Brien, and agree with her positions, it's unlikely she made you proud of her.
My mother was voting for Shannon O'Brien up until last night. After the debate she switched to Mitt Romney.

My mother-in-law wanted to know what that smile on Shannon's face was. We told her it was a smirk. My mother-in-law hated that smirk. She's going to make sure she gets to the polls to vote for Mitt Romney next week!
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Romney Wins!
posted at 7:42 AM

Romney Wins!
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Romney Wins!
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Some are stirred to leave ranks of 'undecided'

In addition to his obvious victory on style, Romney also scored higher with these voters with his humor last night. They all laughed loudly when he said to moderator Tim Russert, ''It'd be really great if I could speak for what I believe and she could talk about what she believes.''

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Governor's Debate 10-29-02.

Romney Wins!

After tonight's Governor's debate moderated by Tim Russert, Massachusetts voters had a chance to see the real Mitt Romney and Shannon O'Brien. Romney had to spend a lot of time refuting the half-truths and lies that O'Brien spouted. Unfortunately for her, O'Brien didn't feel the need to answer moderator Russert's questions. She kept trying to bring Mitt down by mentioning page 11 of his papers. Well guess what Shannon, no one knows what you are talking about, and no one cares.

Mitt, you came through as a calm and collected leader who is not going to put up with the patronage of Beacon Hill. Hey, I felt like you did, I can't believe the things I heard coming out of O'Brien's mouth.

That smirk on her face is disgusting. Yikes!

Mitt Romney's closing remarks were great.

As an Independent voter who is going to vote for Mitt, I urge all Independents to vote for Mitt on election day.
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Russert's likely hard questions crucial to candidates.

Bulldog political interviewer Tim Russert will ``Meet the Candidates'' tomorrow night in a Boston Herald debate that could prove pivotal in the tight Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

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Friday, October 25, 2002

Third-party hopeful turned into first-class pain in the neck.

Mitt slammed her (O'Brien) onto the canvas over her pay raise. He was pummeling her into the ropes over her Clintonian evasions.

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Romney Wins!

Romney appeared the more aggressive of the two last night and was more focused than he has been in previous encounters. He frequently tweaked O'Brien on her votes as a legislator to raise taxes, and linked her to the Beacon Hill bureaucracy.

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Romney relentless while O'Brien wilts.

Romney gave his crispest showing of the four live TV debates last night, going after O'Brien on taxes, bilingual education and the death penalty.

His most effective moment came as he doggedly challenged O'Brien to explain her support of a $45,000 pay raise for herself.

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Romney turns heat on O'Brien in debate.

A more aggressive Republican Mitt Romney hammered Democrat Shannon P. O'Brien with fresh verve in last night's fourth gubernatorial debate.

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Friday, October 18, 2002

Irrelevant questions.

Last I checked, the act of homosexuality is a sin in the Catholic Church, as utterly ridiculous as that might seem. But no one is accusing Shannon O'Brien of being antigay because she might drop a $10 bill in the collection basket every week.

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Friday, October 04, 2002

Poll: O'Brien, Romney tied.

`It appears Romney had a slight advantage coming out of that debate,'' Myers said. ``They (debate viewers) are disproportionately voting for Romney, so something happened in that debate that resonated with those voters.''

posted at 3:47 AM

Bush in state Friday to stump for Romney.

Bush is expected to arrive in Boston at about 11:30 a.m. and speak at the Seaport Hotel before departing at about 1:30 p.m.

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